networking meaning

[ 'netwə:kiŋ ]   "networking" in a sentence
n. [u]

1 meeting people for business or social reasons: Networking is a good way to find new customers.

2 speed-networking networking at a special meeting where each participant talks to contacts for about 5 minutes and then moves to another person: Businesspeople and unemployed workers use speed-networking to meet possible customers and employers.


3 linking computers into a network (3)

AmE / noun [U]


a system of meeting and talking to other people who may be useful or helpful to you in your work:

The key to good networking is the exchange of favours.

networking events and meetings

business networking groups

2 (IT )

a system of connecting a number of computers and other devices so that equipment and information can be shared:

computer/data networking

the convenience of wireless networking

networking equipment

<networking> Hardware and software data communication systems.

The OSI seven layer model attempts to provide a way of partitioning any computer network into independent modules from the lowest (physical) layer to the highest (application) layer. Many different specifications exist at each of these layers.

Networks are often also classified according to their geographical extent: local area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), wide area network (WAN) and also according to the protocols used.

See BITNET, Ethernet, Internet, Novell, PSTN, network, the.


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