mutability meaning

Pronunciation:   "mutability" in a sentence
Noun: mutability
  1. The quality of being capable of mutation
    - mutableness

Derived forms: mutabilities

See also: mutable

Type of: changeability, changeableness

Antonym: immutability

Encyclopedia: Mutability

n pl -ties
1 : the quality or state of being mutable or capable of mutation
2 : an instance of being mutable


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  1. since it would avoid the issues regarding the possible mutability of the
  2. be aware that the mutability of the property type affects what the end user can change
  3. the verifier treats the result of the address-of operation as a managed pointer with restricted mutability
  4. it brings very heavy risk to the enterprise of oil sell be by the mutability of time value"
  5. mutable turned out to be costly to program clarity and performance . the mutability of the

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