multilayer perceptron meaning

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A network composed of more than one layer of neurons, with some or all of the outputs of each layer connected to one or more of the inputs of another layer. The first layer is called the input layer, the last one is the output layer, and in between there may be one or more hidden layers.


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  1. approach to rule extraction and generation using rough multilayer perceptron networks
  2. the microsoft neural network algorithm creates classification and regression mining models by constructing a multilayer perceptron network of neurons
  3. based on analyzing the multilayer perceptron neural network, it induces the error backpropagation algorithm while taking the hyperboloid tangential function as nonlinear activation function
  4. The term " multilayer perceptron " often causes confusion.
  5. Yebol also integrated human labeled information into its multilayer perceptron and information retrieval algorithms.

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