multangular meaning

Pronunciation:   "multangular" in a sentence
  • adjective
      Having many angles

  • [Medicine]
    adj : having many angles ‹a multangular bone›
    n : a multangular bone —see TRAPEZIUM, TRAPEZOID


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  1. His son Multangular Tower ) still survives, is probably his work.
  2. A 76 foot ( 23 m ) section of 4th-century wall connects the Multangular Tower to a small interval tower.
  3. A small stretch of wall then leads to the entrance to Museum Gardens, the Multangular Tower and the original line of the Roman walls.
  4. On the radial side of the retinaculum is the tendon of the flexor carpi radialis, which lies in the groove on the greater multangular between the attachments of the ligament to the bone.
  5. The " lateral surface " articulates with the lesser multangular by a small facet at its anterior inferior angle, behind which is a rough depression for the attachment of an interosseous ligament.

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