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Noun: mountain oak
  1. Tall timber tree with hard heavy pinkish or light brown wood
    - alpine ash, Eucalyptus delegatensis

Derived forms: mountain oaks

Type of: eucalypt, eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree

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  1. In 2001, the fire history and dendroecology of Savage Mountain oak stands were investigated.
  2. The yellow-bellied siskin breeds in mountain oak forests at altitudes between 800 3000 m.
  3. It is found in the undergrowth of wet mountain oak forests and second growth, typically from above 1350 m altitude to patches of scrubbery beyond the timberline.
  4. According to altitude, three forest levels can be distinguished : the Hyrcanian mixed forests, the mountain beech forest, and the High Mountain oak and hornbeam forest.
  5. This species is found in the high canopy of mountain oak forest, coming lower at the edges and in clearings, and also in second growth and bushy pastures.

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