mortal meaning

[ 'mɔ:tl ] Pronunciation:   "mortal" in a sentence
Adjective: mortal  mortal
  1. Subject to death
    "mortal beings" 
  2. Involving loss of divine grace or spiritual death
    - deadly 
  3. Unrelenting and deadly
    "mortal enemy" 
  4. Causing or capable of causing death
    "mortal combat"; "a mortal illness"
    - deadly, deathly
Noun: mortal  mortal
  1. A human being
    - person, individual, someone, somebody, soul

Derived forms: mortals

See also: earthborn, earthly, fatal, finite, irremissible, merciless, mortality, unmerciful, unpardonable

Type of: being, causal agency, causal agent, cause, organism

Antonym: immortal

Part of: people

Encyclopedia: Mortal

1 : having caused or being about to cause death : FATAL ‹a mortal injury›
2 : of, relating to, or connected with death ‹mortal agony›


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  1. hurry is the handsomest mortal in the world.
  2. hurons, this is your mortal enemy.
  3. at least three mortal days were lost.
  4. that which is mortal is not immortal.
  5. this is my first battle with a human mortal.

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