mode meaning

[ məud ] Pronunciation:   "mode" in a sentence
Noun: mode  mowd
  1. How something is done or how it happens
    "their nomadic mode of existence"
    - manner, style, way, fashion 
  2. A particular functioning condition or arrangement
    "switched from keyboard to voice mode" 
  3. A classification of propositions on the basis of whether they claim necessity or possibility or impossibility
    - modality 
  4. Verb inflections that express how the action or state is conceived by the speaker
    - mood, modality 
  5. Any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
    - musical mode 
  6. The most frequent value of a random variable
    - modal value

Sounds like: mowed

Derived forms: modes

See also: modal

Type of: average, condition, diatonic scale, grammatical relation, logical relation, norm, property, status

Encyclopedia: Mode


See architectural mode.

AmE / noun

1 [C]

a particular way of doing sth; a particular type of sth:

a mode of transport

Please confirm the order and select mode of payment.

The site is the primary mode of communication between the company and its suppliers.

2 [C,U]

the way in which a piece of equipment is set to perform a particular task:

Switch the camera into the automatic mode.

3 (Technical ) [sing.]

the value that appears most frequently in a series of numbers MEAN, MEDIAN See note at AVERAGE

The most frequent or most likely value of a variable. Where the variable is discrete, the mode is the value with the highest share of the distribution. The number of children in a family, for example, may be 0 or any whole number: if the mode is 2 this means there are more families with two children than of any other particular size. Where the variable is continuous, the mode is at the maximum of the frequency distribution. For example, if x lies between 0 and 1 and is distributed with frequency distribution f(x) = 6x(1-x), the mode is at x = 0.5, where 6x(1 - x) is a maximum.

1. One of the ways a given resonant system can oscillate.
2. One of the ways that electromagnetic energy can be propagated through a device or system. See MODES OF PROPAGATION.
3. The method via which intelligence is conveyed in a communications or broadcast signal. See EMISSION MODE.
4. Resonance of sound waves within an acoustic chamber.


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  1. energy can exist in a variety of modes.
  2. four modes of operation are possible.
  3. the nitrate ion has four fundamental modes of vibration.
  4. this mode of address was now prescribed by decree.
  5. but they differ in association and mode of emplacement.

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