milling meaning

Pronunciation:   "milling" in a sentence
  • Noun: milling  miling
    1. Corrugated edge of a coin
    Verb: mill  mil
    1. Move about in a confused manner
      - mill about, mill around 
    2. Grind with a mill
      "mill grain" 
    3. Produce a ridge around the edge of
      "mill a coin" 
    4. Roll out (metal) with a rolling machine

    Derived forms: millings

    Type of: bray [archaic], comminute, crunch, edge, grind, groove, mash, move, roll, roll out

    Encyclopedia: Mill Mill, Netherlands


  • [Architecture]

    In stonework, the processing of quarry blocks, through sawing, planing, turning, and cutting techniques, to finished stone.


    In metalwork, the process of dressing a surface with various shapes of rotary cutters to produce a flat or grooved surface.


    See knurling.

  • [Mechanical engineering]
    "Mechanical treatment of materials to produce a powder, to change the size or shape of metal powder particles, or to coat one powder mixture with another."


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  1. sise panted, pushing against the milling crowd.
  2. ball milling dye and organic liquid give highly satisfactory results.
  3. when face milling is performed, the table can be moved longitudinally to feed the workpiece under or below the cutter.
  4. in most knee-type milling machines, there are three possible table movements: longitudinal, crosswise, and vertical.
  5. taps, reamers, drills, saws, milling cutters, burnishing tools, and so on, have all been successfully plated.

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