metapsychology meaning

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  Theories and theorizing on psychological matters, such as the nature of the mind, which cannot be verified or falsified by experiment or reasoning

n pl -gies : speculative psychology concerned with postulating the mind's structure (as the ego and id) and processes (as cathexis) which usu. cannot be demonstrated objectively — meta·psy·cho·log·i·cal adj


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  1. TIR is based on Freud's metapsychology, which is the basis of psychoanalysis.
  2. This idea is essential to metapsychology.
  3. AEDP's metapsychology and methodology is at its core an endeavor to restore this innate function.
  4. However, he did not completely abandon the idea of metapsychology since it is a basis of psychoanalysis.
  5. Today, this function is fulfilled by the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association, a division of Applied Metapsychology International.

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