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[ 'metl ] Pronunciation:   "metal" in a sentence
Noun: metal  met(u)l
  1. Any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
    - metallic element 
  2. A mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten
    - alloy 
  3. Loud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat; lyrics usually involve violent or fantastic imagery
    - heavy metal, heavy metal music 
  4. Broken rock used for repairing or making roads
    - road metal 
  5. (astronomy) any element other than hydrogen and helium
Adjective: metal  met(u)l
  1. Containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal
    - metallic
Verb: metal (metalled,metalling, or [US] metaled,metaling)  met(u)l
  1. Cover with metal 
  2. [Brit] Apply road metal

Sounds like: mettle

Derived forms: metaled, metaling, metalling, metals, metalled

See also: all-metal, aluminiferous, antimonial, argentiferous, auriferous, bimetal, bimetallic, bronze, gilded, gold, gold-bearing, golden, metallic-looking, metallike, metal-looking, monometallic, silver, tinny

Type of: chemical element, coat, element, mixture, rock, rock and roll, rock music, rock 'n' roll, rock-and-roll, rock'n'roll, stone, surface

Encyclopedia: Metal

An elemental material that exhibits several familiar properties (such as luster, ductility, malleability, good electrical and heat conductivity, relatively high density, and the ability to emit electrons). Common examples are aluminum, copper, gold, lead, and silver. Compare METALLOID and NONMETAL.

n : any of various opaque, fusible, ductile, and typically lustrous substances that are good conductors of electricity and heat, form cations by loss of electrons, and yield basic oxides and hydroxides; esp : one that is a chemical element as distinguished from an alloy

1. Mega-Extensive Telecommunications Applications Language. BBS language for PRODOS 8 on Apple II.

2. The syntax-definition formalism of the Mentor system. Metal specifications are compiled to specifications for a scanner/parser generator such as Lex/Yacc. "Metal: A Formalism to Specify Formalisms", G. Kahn et al, Sci Comp Prog 3:151-188 (1983).


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  1. this process produces corrosion of metals.
  2. an oven thermometer uses a metal strip.
  3. electrons in a metal come out of the surface.
  4. cadmium is a good metal for this purpose.
  5. overheated metals may cast badly.

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