merit meaning

[ 'merit ] Pronunciation:   "merit" in a sentence
Verb: merit  merit
  1. Be worthy or deserving
    - deserve
Noun: merit  merit
  1. Any admirable quality or attribute
    "work of great merit"
    - virtue 
  2. The quality of being deserving (e.g., deserving assistance)
    - deservingness, meritoriousness

Derived forms: merited, merits, meriting

See also: meritable

Type of: be, worth, worthiness

Antonym: demerit

Encyclopedia: Merit Merit, TX Merit, Texas

noun [U]

1 (formal)

the quality of being good, true, deserving reward, etc:

I want to get the job on merit.

The case against us is entirely without merit.

We see considerable merit in the new scheme.

2 (HR )

used to describe increases in pay that relate to how well, hard, etc. people work:

The company successfully used merit pay to increase performance.

Employees receive a merit rating every six months.

a merit award/bonus/increase/raise/rise merit pay


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  1. that subtracts nothing from his merit.
  2. i think the suggestion merits consideration.
  3. those who perform deeds of merit shall be rewarded.
  4. that subtracts nothing from his merit.
  5. what are the relative merits of the two ?

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