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Methode d'Etude et de Realisation Informatique pour les Systemes d'Enteprise.

A software engineering method popular in France; many IPSEs are based on it.


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  1. By using Merise, you can design tables with relations to make a relational database.
  2. The main approach for system design was by integrating the French Merise data and the American Gane and Sarson process modelling methods.
  3. In Merise, Elmasri & Navathe and others there is a preference for same-side for roles and both minimum and maximum cardinalities.
  4. The data modeling features of the French and English editions were originally following 2 different methodologies : Merise for PowerAMC and DeMarco works ) for PowerDesigner.
  5. LEOGANE, Haiti _ Merise Dalbert doesn't want to end up like her friends, most of whom had six children by the time they were 30.

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