merino meaning

Pronunciation:   "merino" in a sentence
Noun: merino  mu'reenow
  1. White sheep originating in Spain and producing a heavy fleece of exceptional quality
    - merino sheep

Derived forms: merinos

Type of: domestic sheep, Ovis aries

Encyclopedia: Merino, CO Merino Merino, Victoria Merino, Colorado


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  1. the wool comes from the famous merino sheep
  2. this is a warm 100 % merino cardigan that is the best choice for winter
  3. our merino is fine quality and preshrunk, the touching is very comfortable and smooth
  4. a soft, lightweight fabric made originally of merino wool but now of any fine wool
  5. south suffolk rams may be used on any breed of ewe and will even produce prime lambs from merino ewes

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