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    A regulatory body established in 1983 to monitor the operation of the Mental Health Act 1983.Its members, appointed by the Secretary of State for Health, include psychiatrists, nurses, lawyers, members of other clinical professions, and lay people. Commissioners are responsible for regularly visiting patients detained under the Act, reviewing psychiatric care, investigating certain complaints, and advising ministers.


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  1. Lord Patel of Bradford was until recently chair of the Mental Health Act Commission.
  2. The report led to the formation of the Mental Health Act Commission, to oversee conditions under which mental patients are detained.
  3. The patient had to be detained ( if they were not already detained ), then a psychiatrist from the Mental Health Act Commission had to authorise treatment.
  4. If the treating psychiatrist decided there was an urgent need for ECT it could go ahead without authorisation from a Mental Health Act Commission psychiatrist ( section 62 ).
  5. The Mental Health Act 1983 specified that psychosurgery could only be carried out on consenting patients, and then only with the approval of the Mental Health Act Commission.

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