medicine meaning

[ 'medsin, -disin ] Pronunciation:   "medicine" in a sentence
Noun: medicine  medisun
  1. The branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
    - medical specialty 
  2. (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
    - medication, medicament, medicinal drug 
  3. The learned profession that is mastered by graduate training in a medical school and that is devoted to preventing or alleviating or curing diseases and injuries
    "he studied medicine at Harvard"
    - practice of medicine 
  4. Punishment for one's actions
    "take your medicine"
    - music [archaic]
Verb: medicine  medisun
  1. Treat medicinally, treat with medicine
    - medicate

Derived forms: medicines, medicined, medicining

See also: medical, medicate, medicinal, medicolegal, premedical

Type of: care for, drug, learned profession, medical science, penalisation [Brit], penalization, penalty, punishment, treat

Encyclopedia: Medicine, Medieval Islamic Medicine, Medieval Western Medicine, Traditional - China Medicine Medicine, Conflict and Survival Medicine, History of Medicine, Unani Medicine, tibetan traditional Medicine, traditional Medicine, unani Medicine, ayurvedic Medicine, chinese traditional Medicine, kampo

The art and science of preventing,diagnosing,and treating disease,as well as the maintenance of health. n
1 : a substance or preparation used in treating disease
a : the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease
b : the branch of medicine concerned with the nonsurgical treatment of disease


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  1. take care not to spill a drop of the medicine.
  2. i felt much better after taking the medicine.
  3. the child drank up the medicine at a draught.
  4. the medicine is potent enough to produce the desired effect.
  5. take this dose of medicine on an empty stomach ...

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