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Noun: medical examiner
  1. A public official who investigates by inquest any death not due to natural causes
    - coroner

Derived forms: medical examiners

Type of: investigator

Encyclopedia: Medical examiner

Physicians appointed to investigate all cases of sudden or violent death.n
1 : a usu. appointed public officer who must be a person trained in medicine and whose functions are to perform autopsies on the bodies of persons dead by violence or suicide or under circumstances suggesting crime, to investigate the cause of their deaths, and sometimes to initiate inquests
2 : a physician employed to make medical examinations (as of applicants for military service or of claimants of workers' compensation)
3 : a physician appointed to examine and license candidates for the practice of medicine in a political jurisdiction (as a state)


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  1. say, mark, that was the medical examiner's report
  2. the medical examiner viewed the victim's body
  3. i've talked to the medical examiner . they're on their way
  4. you may want to ask your medical examiners
  5. diary of forensic medical examiners part

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