medical evacuees meaning

Personnel who are wounded, injured, or ill and must be moved to or between medical facilities.


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  1. The 30 medical evacuees were to be accompanied by about 30 relatives and head for Sarajevo.
  2. Bosnian Serbs Thursday said the 30 medical evacuees would be accompanied by about 30 relatives and head for Sarajevo.
  3. Elements of the mission included flying in relief supplies, flying out evacuees, including medical evacuees, loading helicopters with supplies at the U-2 assets.
  4. On October 22, NBC freelance cameraman and medical evacuee Ashoka Mukpo is released from Nebraska Medical Center free of the Ebola virus, the second patient so treated there.
  5. It is reported that the US has stopped making rescue flights of medical evacuees of the earthquake to American hospitals because of a dispute over who will pay for the medical costs.

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