mechanical tissue meaning

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  Any tissue that gives a plant the power to resist stresses


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  1. bifacial leaf and mesophyll tissue contain crystals, phloem is rich in saliferous vacuoles, and the mechanical tissue is developed
  2. Its firmness should not be owed to mechanical tissues, but to the compactness  the leaves should be packed very densely.
  3. "We've already seen the pendulum swing back in the mechanical tissue mix, " said Montgomery Securities analyst Kurt Kruger.
  4. Natural enemies can distinguish between mechanical tissue damage, which might occur during a number of events other than herbivory, and damage that is the direct result of insect feeding behavior.
  5. The compressed species have strongly palisade outer cortices overlying mechanical tissue, while the terete species have tended to lose or have depauperate formations of mechanical tissue .  Richard Spjut in 1995 further recognized significant differences in their medulla ( chondroid strands vs . no chondroid strands ) and in their lichen substances ( zeorin and (-)-16-hydroxykaurane vs . their absence ).

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