manometer meaning

Pronunciation:   "manometer" in a sentence
  • Noun: manometer  mu'nómitu(r)
    1. A pressure gauge for comparing pressures of a gas

    Derived forms: manometers

    Type of: pressure gage, pressure gauge

    Encyclopedia: Manometer

  • [Architecture]

    An instrument for the measurement of pressure; a U-shaped glass tube partially filled with water or mercury, one side of which is connected to the source of pressure. The amount of displacement of the liquid is a measure of the magnitude of the pressure.

  • [Electronics]
    An instrument for measuring gas or
    vapor pressure—especially at low levels.
    manpack A portable radio transceiver that can be
    used while walking.

  • [Engineering]
    A double-leg liquid-column gage used to measure the difference between two fluid pressures.

  • [Medicine]
    1 : an instrument (as a pressure gauge) for measuring the pressure of gases and vapors
    2 : SPHYGMOMANOMETERmano·met·ric adj — mano·met·ri·cal·ly adv — ma·nom·e·try n pl -tries


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  1. the topazometer is a mercury-actuated manometer.
  2. the simplest type of pressure gauge is the open-tube manometer.
  3. for precision manometers it is necessary to use vernier reading devices.
  4. the tubes are individually connected in order to the tubes of a multiple manometer.
  5. the bourdon-type pressure gauge is more convenient for most purposes than a liquid manometer.

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