malentendu meaning

Pronunciation:   "malentendu" in a sentence
  • /ma-lã-tã-düˈ/ (French)
      A misunderstanding


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  1. Camus once described Le Malentendu as  the play that resembles me the most.
  2. "Le Malentendu "  focused on Camus idea of the absurd.
  3. "Le Malentendu "  depicts the destruction of a family fatally incapable of communicating with each other.
  4. Camus wrote " The Misunderstanding " ( " Le Malentendu " ) in 1943 in occupied Paris, and the carnage of World War II is the immediate point of reference.
  5. In " Malentendu ", he shows his unease that his own reputation could be shaped beyond the grave by the perceptions of someone such as Pedro Salinas and his reference to " El Licenciado Vidriera ".

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