mailbox meaning

[ 'meilbɔks ] Pronunciation:   "mailbox" in a sentence
Noun: mailbox  meylbóks
  1. A private box for delivery of mail
    - letter box [Brit] 
  2. Public box for deposit of mail
    - postbox [Brit], letter box [Brit]

Derived forms: mailboxes

Type of: box, maildrop

Encyclopedia: Mailbox

AmE / noun [C]

an area of a computer's memory where email messages for a particular user are stored:

They limit the size of your mailbox to 20MB.

1. <messaging> A file belonging to a particular user on a particular computer in which received electronic mail messages are stored ready for the user to read them. A mailbox may be just an electronic mail address to which messages are sent and may not actually correspond to a file if the messages are processed automatically, e.g. a mail server or mailing list.

2. <programming> A destination for interprocess messages in a message passing system. A mailbox is a message queue, usually stored in the memory of the processor on which the receiving process is running. Primitives are provided for sending a message to a named mailbox and for reading messages from a mailbox.


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  1. i dropped the letter in the mailbox on the corner
  2. i go through this mailbox almost everyday
  3. i dropped the letter in the mailbox on the corner
  4. uh just filling up the old mailbox . so give me a call
  5. the mailbox role is not configured on node < node>

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