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  • Noun: magnetic north
    1. The direction in which a compass needle points
      - north, compass north

    Type of: direction

    Encyclopedia: Magnetic north

  • [Defence]
    (*) The direction indicated by the north seeking pole of a freely suspended magnetic needle, influenced only by the Earth’s magnetic field.

  • [Electronics]
    magnetic oxide Iron oxide used as the sensitive coating of magnetic recording tape.


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  1. it's where we get our magnetic north pole and south pole,
  2. normally it points toward magnetic north
  3. in 1988, at the age of 50, she became the first woman to travel alone to the magnetic north pole
  4. in fact, the difference between the directions of celestial and magnetic north depends on the position of the observer
  5. for starters, the core's motion could help explain why magnetic north and south periodically wander or reverse over earth's history

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