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A B-cell lymphoma presumably representing a tumor of interfollicular B-lymphocytes that may be functional. Those that are secrete identical immunoglobulin molecules.


  1. the diagnosis is : malignant lymphoma, small lymphocytic type, diffuse ( also known as : " well-differentiated " lymphocytic lymphoma)
  2. It is also approved for the treatment of small lymphocytic lymphoma ( SLL ), both in patients who have received at least two prior systemic therapies.
  3. The two most commonly associated types of tumors are non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic lymphoma; nearly all of these patients die within two years of diagnosis.
  4. Of the many forms of lymphoma, some are categorized as indolent ( e . g . small lymphocytic lymphoma ), compatible with a long life even without treatment, whereas other forms are aggressive ( e . g.
  5. As of February 2016, acalabrutinib had received orphan designation in the United States for CLL only, and was similarly designated as an orphan medicinal product by the European Medicines Agency ( EMA ) Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products ( COMP ) for treatment of three indications-chronic lymphocytic leukemia ( CLL ) / small lymphocytic lymphoma ( SLL ), mantle cell lymphoma ( MCL ), and lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma ( Waldenstr�m's macroglobulinaemia, MG ).

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