lymphocyte meaning

Pronunciation:   "lymphocyte" in a sentence
Noun: lymphocyte  'limfu`sIt
  1. An agranulocytic leukocyte that normally makes up a quarter of the white blood cell count but increases in the presence of infection
    - lymph cell

Derived forms: lymphocytes

See also: lymphocytic

Type of: leucocyte, leukocyte, WBC, white blood cell, white blood corpuscle, white cell, white corpuscle

Part of: lymphatic system, systema lymphaticum

Encyclopedia: Lymphocyte

White blood cells formed in the body's lymphoid tissue. The nucleus is round or ovoid with coarse,irregularly clumped chromatin while the cytoplasm is typically pale blue with azurophilic (if any) granules. Most lymphocytes can be classified as either T or B (with subpopulations of each); those with characteristics of neither major class are called null cells. n : any of the colorless weakly motile cells that originate from stem cells and differentiate in lymphoid tissue (as of the thymus or bone marrow), that are the typical cellular elements of lymph, that include the cellular mediators of immunity, and that constitute 20 to 30 percent of the white blood cells of normal human blood —see B CELL, T CELLlym·pho·cyt·ic adj


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  1. many small lymphocytes are destroyed and germinal centres depleted.
  2. it contributes to circulation of lymphocytes and other immunologic factors.
  3. monocytes, neutrophils, and lymphocytes are present in same glomeruli.
  4. the resting lymphocyte population has been reported largely as the b series of lymphocytes.
  5. the resting lymphocyte population has been reported largely as the b series of lymphocytes.

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