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    A genus of the family HERPESVIRIDAE,subfamily GAMMAHERPESVIRINAE,infecting B-cells in humans and new world primates. The type species human herpesvirus 4 (HERPESVIRUS 4,HUMAN) is better known as the Epstein-Barr virus.


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  1. Other names for the Lymphocryptovirus genus include " Lymphocryptoviridae " and gamma-1 herpesviruses.
  2. The "'chimpanzee Lymphocryptovirus "'( LCV ) is a herpesvirus which infects chimpanzee leukocytes.
  3. "' Herpesvirus gorilla "'was the fifth virus described in the lymphocryptovirus genus of herpesviruses.
  4. The "'orangutan lymphocryptovirus "'( LCV ) was the first herpesvirus isolated from an orangutan.
  5. The glycoprotein B ( gB ) gene of the chimpanzee Lymphocryptovirus is virtually identical to the corresponding gene in the orangutan lymphocryptovirus.

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