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  • Noun: lymph node  limf nowd
    1. The source of lymph and lymphocytes
      - lymph gland, node

    Derived forms: lymph nodes

    Type of: lymphatic tissue, lymphoid tissue

    Part of: cardiovascular system, circulatory system, immune system

    Encyclopedia: Lymph node

  • [Medicine]
    They are oval or bean shaped bodies (1 - 30 mm in diameter) located along the lymphatic system.n : any of the rounded masses of lymphoid tissue that are surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue, are distributed along the lymphatic vessels, and contain numerous lymphocytes which filter the flow of lymph passing through the node —called also lymph gland


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  1. lymph nodes are enlarged and easily palpable.
  2. peripheral lymph nodes may be enlarged.
  3. mediastinal lymph nodes were usually hyperemic and enlarged.
  4. regional lymph nodes become swollen and eventually ulcerate.
  5. lymph node enlargement occurs early in chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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