lifesaving meaning

Pronunciation:   "lifesaving" in a sentence
  • Noun: lifesaving  'lIf`seyving
    1. Saving the lives of drowning persons
      "he took a course in lifesaving"

    Derived forms: lifesavings

    Type of: deliverance, delivery, rescue, saving

    Encyclopedia: Lifesaving

  • [Medicine]
    n : the skill or practice of saving or protecting the lives esp. of drowning persons
    adj : designed for or used in saving lives ‹lifesaving drugs›


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  1. however intelligent they may be, it is probably a mistake to credit dolphins with any motive of lifesaving.
  2. symbols for lifesaving appliance and fire fighting of ships
  3. location and instruction symbols for evacuation and lifesaving equipment
  4. superstructure lifesaving and fire fighting equipment to be done inspection
  5. china save sb . ’ s life, give first aid, lifesaving mechanism will buy helis

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