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An interest in proporry subsisting only during the lifetime of the person to whom it was granted (e.g, "to A for life") or of some other person (e.g."to A during the life of B"). The type is called an "estate (or interest) pur autre vie. Under the Law of Property Act 1925a life interest in land cannot exist as a legal estate, only as an equitable interest. Until 1997the creation of a life interest in land created a settlement, governed by the Settled Land Act 1925. Since that date it creates a trust of land, governed by the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.See SETTLED LA.ND.


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  1. on life interest of confucianism
  2. prior life interest
  3. A person with a life interest is known as a life tenant.
  4. The defendant's life interest was worth ten years'purchase.
  5. Henry was, however, granted a life interest in these possessions.

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