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Noun: life history  lIf 'histuree
  1. An account of the series of events making up a person's life
    - biography, life, life story, bio 
  2. The general progression of your working or professional life
    - career

Derived forms: life histories

Type of: account, advance, advancement, chronicle, forward motion, history, onward motion, procession, progress, progression, story

Encyclopedia: Life history

a : a history of the changes through which an organism passes in its development from the primary stage to its natural death
b : one series of the changes in a life history
2 : the history of an individual's development in his or her social environment


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  1. he asked a little about my life history.
  2. she told me of her life history.
  3. their life history to date, although short, has been interesting and rather hectic.
  4. the life history of any star truly represents a titanic struggle between the force of gravity, and the force of gas pressure.
  5. in biology, we can speak of the life history of an organism since an organism is partially conditioned by past event.

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