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  • lie up BrE to hide somewhere in order to escape from people who are looking for you:
    Our men lay up in the woods during the day, expecting to be attacked at any moment.
    He had to seek shelter - somewhere to lie up and let his wounds heal.
    SIMILAR TO: hide out
  • lie (up)on so:    [American slang]Go ...
  • lie:    Verb: lie (lay,lai ...
  • lie by:    1. To be inactive2 ...


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  1. you could lie up there, watching the flakes swirl past.
  2. john must lie up for a few weeks until his leg mends
  3. mother was so weak after her operation that she had to lie up for a month
  4. and if there s a heaven above, he ll be there, and will lie up against me so i can sleep
  5. refusing to lie up, the retired worker took an active part in the work of the neighbour-hood committee

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