legible meaning

[ 'ledʒəbl ] Pronunciation:   "legible" in a sentence
Adjective: legible  lejubul
  1. (of handwriting, print, etc.) capable of being read or deciphered
    "legible handwriting"

See also: clean, clear, decipherable, fair, legibility, legibly, readable

Antonym: illegible

Encyclopedia: Legible


(about written or printed words) clear enough to read:

a legible signature

Both handhelds are compact and have legible screens.

legibility // noun [U]:

This typeface has been chosen for maximum legibility.

legibly // adverb


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  1. his countenance was overlaid with legible meanings.
  2. her voice was clear, but her face too legible.
  3. function makes the one-liner more legible, in my opinion
  4. create a legible user-friendly efficient transport network
  5. implements a shortened, more legible version of xslt

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