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  • Verb: lean back
    1. Move the upper body backwards and down
      - recline

    Derived forms: leaning back, leans back, leant back

    Type of: angle, lean, slant, tilt, tip

  • [American slang]
    to recline backwards, pressing on someone or something.
      Don't lean back on me! I'm not a chair!
      Lean back on the couch and tell me what you are thinking.

  • [Economics]
    A period of cautious inaction by a government agency or regulator before intervening in a market. For example, a central bank might allow a lean-back period to elapse to allow exchange rates to stabilize, before intervening in the foreign-exchange market.
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  1. reaching for pillows, she propped them behind, so that he could lean back.
  2. take off your shoes, don't fight, lean back
  3. lean back, relax, and listen to the story
  4. lean back . this doesn't hurt, does it?
  5. lean back, man . move back . work, legs

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