lay meaning

[ lei ] Pronunciation:   "lay" in a sentence
Verb: lay (laid)  ley
  1. Put into a certain place or abstract location
    - put, set, place, pose, position 
  2. Put in a horizontal position
    "lay the books on the table"; "lay the patient carefully onto the bed"
    - put down, repose 
  3. Prepare or position for action or operation
    "lay a fire"; "lay the foundation for a new health care plan" 
  4. Lay eggs
    "This hen doesn't lay" 
  5. Impose as a duty, burden, or punishment
    "lay a responsibility on someone"
Adjective: lay  ley
  1. Characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy
    "the lay ministry"
    - laic, secular 
  2. Not of or from a profession
    "a lay opinion as to the cause of the disease"
Noun: lay  ley
  1. A narrative song with a recurrent refrain
    - ballad 
  2. A narrative poem of popular origin
    - ballad
Verb: lie (lay,lain,lying,lies)  lI
  1. Be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position 
  2. Be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position
    "The sick man lay in bed all day"; "the books are lying on the shelf" 
  3. Originate (in)
    - dwell, consist, lie in 
  4. Be and remain in a particular state or condition
    "lie dormant" 
  5. Have a place in relation to something else
    "The fate of Bosnia lies in the hands of the West"
    - rest 
  6. Assume a reclining position
    "lie down on the bed until you feel better"
    - lie down
Verb: lie[2] (lied,lying,lies)
  1. Tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive
    "She lied when she told me she was only 29"

Sounds like: lei

Derived forms: lays, laying, laid

See also: laity, lay aside, lay away, lay out, lay over, layer, liar, lie, lying, nonprofessional, profane, secular

Type of: be, change posture, devise, disinform, displace, exist, get up, impose, levy, machinate, misinform, mislead, move, organise [Brit], organize, poem, prepare, song, verse form, vocal

Antonym: sit, stand

Encyclopedia: Lay Lay, Kansas Lay, Loire

Lie, Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie, Cheat & Steal Lie Lie, Trygve Halvdan Lie, Togo Lie, Lie, Lie

[American slang]
n. a person considered as a potential sex partner. (Crude. Use caution with the topic.)
• He actually said that she was a good lay.
• If anybody said I was a good lay, I'd sue—probably.

[British slang]
Verb. To have sexual intercourse. E.g."I got a little drunk last night and got laid.”

verb, adjective

verb [+ obj]


to put something down:

to lay a cable/pipe

The grapes are laid on mats to dry.


to present a proposal, some information, etc. to sb for them to think about and decide on:

Proposals will be laid before the committee at the next meeting.


lay it on the line (informal)

to tell sb clearly what you think, especially when they will not like what you say:

The manager laid it on the line-some people would have to lose their jobs.



lay sth aside


to put sth on one side and not use it or think about it:

We had to lay aside our traditional marketing methods when we started selling online.


to keep sth to use or deal with later:

You should lay aside a cash reserve in case of emergencies.

lay sth down

if you lay down a rule or a principle, you state officially that people must obey it or use it:

The Department of Health lays down guidelines for safety at work.

lay sb off

to stop employing sb because there is not enough work for them to do:

Although they wanted to cut costs, they promised they would not lay anyone off.

About 1 000 workers at the factory will be laid off.


lay out (for/on sth); lay out sth (for/on sth) (informal)

to spend money on sth:

People do not want to have to lay out for a new computer every year.

HELP NOTE A noun comes after out, but a pronoun is placed between the verb and out.

lay sth out


to present a plan, an argument, etc. clearly and carefully:

The complaints procedure is clearly laid out in the staff handbook.


to arrange the parts of sth, such as the page of a book, a building or a town:

If we lay out these two pages again we can save some space.


lay sth up; lay up

to stop operating a cargo ship, a vehicle or a machine for a period of time; to stop operating for a period of time:

The ship was forced to lay up in Hamburg for repairs.


not having expert knowledge or professional qualifications in a particular subject:

You can have the help of a lay representative

(= sb with no legal qualifications) in court.


1. Direct or adjust the aim of a weapon.
2. Setting of a weapon for a given range, a given direction, or both.
3. To drop one or more aerial bombs or aerial mines onto the surface from an aircraft.
4. To spread a smoke screen on the ground from an aircraft.
5. To calculate or project a course.
6. To lay on: a.
to execute a bomber strike; b.
to set up a mission.
  • lay at:    To try to strike
  • lay by:    1. To keep for fut ...
  • lay for:    lay for sb AmE inf ...


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  1. the captain lay on his face on the hillside.
  2. the enemy were compelled to lay down their arms ..
  3. her white wool gloves lay in her lap.
  4. they are watering the street to lay the dust.
  5. i had to lay out a fortune on that car.

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