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lavish on
! Lavish upon is more formal than lavish on and is mostly used in writing.
lavish sth on/upon sblavish sth on/upon sth to give someone or something a lot of praise or attention, spend a lot of money on them, or give them a lot of presents:
When the series was first shown, the media lavished praise on its creator David Lynch.
the royal shopaholic who lavished a fortune on an endless array of new outfits
SIMILAR TO: heap on/upon


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  1. the thick sunlight was lavish on the bright water.
  2. There is so much love people lavish on their pet companions.
  3. Salim responded that he did not have spare money to lavish on politicians.
  4. What surprised her was the attention the American tour lavishes on its players.
  5. Such luxuries America lavishes on its luckier young!

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