latch meaning

[ lætʃ ] Pronunciation:   "latch" in a sentence
Verb: latch  lach
  1. Fasten with a latch
    "latch the door"
Noun: latch  lach
  1. Spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key
    - door latch 
  2. Catch for fastening a door or gate; a bar that can be lowered or slid into a groove

Derived forms: latches, latched, latching

Type of: catch, fasten, fix, lock, secure

Encyclopedia: Latch


A simple fastening device having a latch bolt, but not a dead bolt; contains no provisions for locking with a key; usually openable from both sides.

1. A feedback loop in a symmetrical digital circuit, such as a flip-flop, used to maintain a given state.
2. A simple logic-circuit storage element that consists of two gates as a unit.
3. To maintain a closed (energized) state in a pair of relay contacts after initial energization from a single electrical pulse. See LATCHING RELAY.

A digital logic circuit used to store one or more bits. A latch has a data input, a clock input and an output. When the clock input is active, data on the input is "latched" or stored and transfered to the output either immediately or when the clock input goes inactive. The output will then retain its value until the clock goes active again.

See also flip-flop.


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  1. he is a bit slow but in the end he latches on.
  2. use gentle pressure with elbows to release latch.
  3. the door had special latches instead of knobs.
  4. he always latches on to me when he sees me at a party.
  5. the door is on the latch.

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