lap meaning

[ læp ] Pronunciation:   "lap" in a sentence
Noun: lap  lap
  1. The upper side of the thighs of a seated person
    "he picked up the little girl and plopped her down in his lap" 
  2. An area of control or responsibility
    "the job fell right in my lap" 
  3. The part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs
    "his lap was covered with food stains"
    - lap covering 
  4. A flap that lies over another part
    "the lap of the shingles should be at least ten inches"
    - overlap 
  5. Movement once around a course
    "he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
    - circle, circuit 
  6. Touching with the tongue
    "the dog's laps were warm and wet"
    - lick
Verb: lap (lapped,lapping)  lap
  1. Lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another 
  2. Pass the tongue over
    - lick 
  3. Move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound
    - swish, swosh, swoosh 
  4. Take up with the tongue
    "The cat lapped up the milk"
    - lap up, lick 
  5. Wash or flow against
    - lave, wash

Sounds like: Lapp

Derived forms: lapped, lapping, laps

Type of: area, arena, cloth covering, domain, drink, field, flap, flow, go, imbibe, lie, locomotion, orbit, sound, sphere, stroke, thigh, touch, touching, travel

Part of: dack [Austral, NZ], dak [Austral, NZ], pant [N. Amer], skirt, trouser

Encyclopedia: Lap


To overlap or partly cover one surface with another, as in shingling.


The length of the overlap, as the distance one tile extends over another.

(*) In naval mine warfare, that section or strip of an area assigned to a single sweeper or formation of sweepers for a run through the area.

A device used for grinding piezoelectric crystals
for resonance at a desired frequency.

abbr laparotomy


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  1. her white wool gloves lay in her lap.
  2. he came over, put his head in my lap.
  3. my legs failed me and i wasn't able to run the last lap.
  4. he would hear the lap of canes and crutches.
  5. he was reared in the lap of luxury.

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