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A non-pathogenic lactococcus found in dairy products and responsible for the souring of milk.


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  1. construction of recombinant lactococcus lactis expressing porcine transmissible gastroenteritis spike glycoprotein and analysis of immunogenicity
  2. sds-page analysis revealed that lactococcus lactis nz9800 harbouring pmg36e / nisa restored little ability of nisin production
  3. using a mouse model, the uk team has also found that a modified bacterium lactococcus lactis can be used to vaccinate against harmful infections
  4. There is bug called Lactococcus lactis, and as the name implies, it is found in milk,
  5. The LAB that are known for producing the aromas in sour cream are Lactococcus lactis ssp . lactis biovar diacetyllactis.

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