lactobacillus casei meaning

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A rod-shaped bacterium isolated from milk and cheese,dairy products and dairy environments,sour dough,cow dung,silage,and human mouth,human intestinal contents and stools,and the human vagina.


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  1. isolation and identification of lactobacillus casei from natural fermented meat products
  2. fermentation properties of 4 strains of lactobacillus casei isolated from traditionally home-made koumiss in inner mongolian of china
  3. results indicate that lactobacillus casei possesses probiotic properties and can be used as oral vaccine carrier to deliver heterologous antigen
  4. The result of his efforts was the successful culturing of " Lactobacillus casei " strain " shirota ".
  5. Yakult is a fermented dairy probiotic drink made from Yakult s proprietary probiotic bacterium, " Lactobacillus casei Shirota ".

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