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Noun: Lactobacillaceae
  1. Lactic acid bacteria and important pathogens; bacteria that ferment carbohydrates chiefly into lactic acid
    - family Lactobacillaceae, Lactobacteriaceae, family Lactobacteriaceae

Type of: bacteria family

Part of: kingdom Monera, kingdom Prokaryotae, Monera, Prokayotae

Encyclopedia: Lactobacillaceae

A family of gram-positive bacteria found regularly in the mouth and intestinal tract of man and other animals,in food and dairy products,and in fermenting vegetable juices. A few species are highly pathogenic. n pl : a large family of rod-shaped or spherical gram-negative bacteria that are usu. nonmotile and require little or no oxygen, that do not form spores, that require carbohydrates for growth and ferment them chiefly to lactic acid, and that include the lactic acid bacteria —see LACTOBACILLUS


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  1. It is part of the " Lactobacillaceae " family.
  2. The order and family are Lactobacillales and Lactobacillaceae respectively.
  3. ""'Alloiococcus " "'is a genus of Gram-positive and nonmotile bacteria from the family of Lactobacillaceae.
  4. ""'Pediococcus " "'is a genus of Gram-positive lactic acid bacteria, placed within the family of Lactobacillaceae.
  5. The most common species belong to the families Lactobacillaceae ( abundance of approx . 30 %, members of the Firmicutes ) and Acetobacteraceae ( approx . 55 %, members of the Proteobacteria ).

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