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  • Verb: lace into
    1. Hit violently, as in an attack
      - lam into, tear into, pitch into, lay into

    Derived forms: lacing into, laces into, laced into

    Type of: hit

  • [American slang]
    v., informal To attack physically or with words; begin to hit or criticize. The boxer laced into his opponent. The critics laced into the new movie.
    Synonym: LAY INTO, RIP INTO.
    Compare: GIVE IT TO.

  • [British slang]
    Verb. To attack, either verbally or physically.


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  1. she let a piece of lace into a dress.
  2. my mother let a piece of lace into my dress
  3. reviewers laced into the play
  4. the boxer laced into his opponent
  5. he made a lively speech, lacing into the government for its recent policy

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