kiln meaning

Pronunciation:   "kiln" in a sentence
Noun: kiln  kiln
  1. A furnace for firing or burning or drying such things as porcelain or bricks

Derived forms: kilns

Type of: furnace

Encyclopedia: Kiln Kiln, MS Kiln, Mississippi


A furnace, oven, or heated enclosure used: (a) for burning or firing brick and tile; (b) for drying timber.


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  1. the kiln had been in use for some time and was not in good condition.
  2. in many kilns the air flow can be reversed in order to reduce these differences.
  3. maerz ofenbau ag the world leader in lime kilns
  4. natural style charcoal kilns-tesaki seisakusyo
  5. mechanized shaft kiln internal water charging technology

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