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    Per-user file(s) used by some Usenet reading programs (originally Larry Wall's rn) to discard summarily (without presenting for reading) articles matching some particularly uninteresting (or unwanted) patterns of subject, author, or other header lines. Thus to add a person (or subject) to one's kill file is to arrange for that person to be ignored by one's newsreader in future. By extension, it may be used for a decision to ignore the person or subject in other media. See also plonk.


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  1. When they cannot Cyrus orders Jeannine to collect a kill file on Olivia.
  2. Characters in each novel interact in a cyberspace construct of Kowloon Walled City, which is initially described as an inverted kill file.
  3. Or when the software recognizes an advertisement that had been earlier placed in a " kill file, " it can superimpose something more suitable.
  4. As news volumes continued to increase, it became apparent that even KILL files could not possibly keep up with the sheer number of users and articles.
  5. Look for a feature called a " kill file " or " Bozo filter " that lets you filter out messages from known jerks.

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