kilderkin meaning

Pronunciation:   "kilderkin" in a sentence
Noun: kilderkin  kildurkin
  1. An obsolete British unit of capacity equal to 18 Imperial gallons

Derived forms: kilderkins

Type of: British capacity unit, Imperial capacity unit

Encyclopedia: Kilderkin


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  1. Debra Snider, 13, Princeton, Mo . _ kilderkin
  2. For CAMRA internal accounting, all are calculated in kilderkins.
  3. The kilderkin is still currently used.
  4. Casks are available in several sizes, and it is common to refer to " a firkin " or " a kil " ( kilderkin ) instead of a cask.
  5. Kilderkin of Order manifested as a lidless box with a servant djinn holding it, and Shivering Jemmy of the Shallow Brigade of Chaos as a young blonde girl with a balloon.

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