kild meaning

  "kild" in a sentence
/kild/ (Spenser) variant of killed


  1. "We have had a heap of hard fiten ( sic ) for the 10 days and have lost a heap of men and kild ( sic ) a heap of Yankees though thar are too many for us, " he wrote his wife in May 1864, when Confederate troops were retreating toward Atlanta.
  2. She was in labour from Friday night till about eight or nine on Sunday evening, " at which time she was delivered of a dead child; [ which ] she verily believes was kild by ye ill useage she had received [ sic ] . " On Monday she was brought to Galway " in a carr and kish ."
  3. He died at his London house in St Martin's Lane in 1666, and was buried at St Margaret's Church, Westminster in his father's grave; the register states that he was " kild ", and it has been speculated that this means that he was murdered, but no details of his death are known.

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