kick out meaning

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Verb: kick out  kik awt
  1. Force to leave or move out
    - expel, throw out 
  2. Remove from a position or office
    - oust, throw out, drum out, boot out, expel

Derived forms: kicking out, kicked out, kicks out

See also: kick

Type of: displace, move, remove

[American idiom]
to force someone to leave somewhere.
I lived at home until I was eighteen and my father kicked me out.
He kicked out his own child?
Yes. He booted out my brother when he was twenty.

[American slang]
to thrust one's foot outward at something.
  The ostrich kicked out at the men trying to catch her.
  The mule kicked out and just missed me.


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  1. you get a kick out of that, don't you?
  2. her family gets a kick out of her.
  3. she kicks out when she is angry.
  4. never walk behind a horse in case it kicks out ( at you ).
  5. i get a kick out of dressing in fancy clothes

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