kazan meaning

Pronunciation:   "kazan" in a sentence
Noun: Kazan  ku'zan
  1. An industrial city in the European part of Russia 
  2. United States stage and screen director (born in Turkey) and believer in method acting (1909-2003)
    - Elia Kazan, Elia Kazanjoglous

Type of: city, director, metropolis, theater director [US], theatre director, urban center [US], urban centre [Brit, Cdn]

Part of: Russia, Russian Federation

Encyclopedia: Kazan, Ankara Kazan Kazan, Tatarstan Kazan, Russia Kazan, Emperor of Japan


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  1. viva zapata with kazan, so
  2. take time to wander among kazan cathedral's semi circle of enormous brown columns
  3. Nowhere was the challenge greater than in the Kazan train station.
  4. Years later, Kazan remembered the joy of directing Miss Tandy.
  5. Kazan could have worked in New York, or in Europe.

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