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jump at sth to eagerly accept the opportunity to do something:
If I was offered the job, of course I'd jump at it.
jump at the chance/opportunity
When the resort was put up for sale in 1985, the Millers jumped at the chance to buy it.
SIMILAR TO: leap at

[American slang]
v. To take or accept quickly and gladly. Johnny jumped at the invitation to go swimming with his brother.
Compare: TAKE UP7.
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  1. he is too smart not to jump at the chance.
  2. do n't jump at a conclusion.
  3. it would seem to me that you would jump at the chance for such a marriage.
  4. if they offered me a job in the usa, i would jump at the chance.
  5. why, lots of rich men would jump at the chance to have a name like that.

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