jougs meaning

Pronunciation:   "jougs" in a sentence
/jŭgz or jugz/ (Scot hist)
  plural noun
  An instrument of punishment consisting of an iron collar attached to a wall or post and put round an offender's neck
  ORIGIN: Prob OFr joug a yoke, from L jugum


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  1. The jougs at Sorn Kirk were stolen in the 1930s, but located and returned.
  2. Some crosses still incorporate the iron staples to which jougs and branks were once attached.
  3. Jougs were similar in their purpose as a pillory, but did not restrain the sufferer from speaking.
  4. Cuthbertson refers to the jougs as " symbols of the session's power against gossips and evil-doers ".
  5. The jougs on the Isle of Cumbrae survive, attached to a gatepost at the entrance to the Millport Old Cemetery entrance.

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