jotun meaning

Pronunciation:   "jotun" in a sentence
Noun: Jotun  yotûn
  1. (Norse mythology) one of a race of giants often in conflict with the Aesir
    - Jotunn

Derived forms: Jotuns

Type of: giant

Encyclopedia: Jotun


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  1. in china, jotun has a center office in shanghai including a joint venture and a 100 % subsidiary
  2. well-known brand, quality product, and high efficiency team-jotun : let's join hand today and win in tomorrow
  3. Jotun Norway eyes Malaysia as hub for its products, BUSINESS TIMES
  4. I guess the same is with DTAC and Jotun in Bangkok.
  5. Jotun ( M ) Sdn Bhd is one of them.

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