jot down meaning

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Verb: jot down  jót dawn
  1. Write briefly or hurriedly; write a short note of
    - jot

Derived forms: jots down, jotted down, jotting down

Type of: write

[American slang]
v. phr. To quickly commit to writing; make a quick note of something. Let me jot down your address so that I can send you a postcard from Europe.
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  • jot:    Noun: jot &nb ...
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  1. once you jot down the numbers of the books you are interested in, you are ready to find them on the shelves.
  2. i could jot down on a yearly birthday card
  3. let me jot down your phone number before you leave
  4. did you jot down his telephone number
  5. i keep this notepad so that i can just jot down some shit

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